Rewrite File on Next Distribution
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The process of writing a file or portfolio refers to creating fresh UA charts and writing fresh export format files. You might want to rewrite one or more portfolio items after making changes to your portfolio(s). An example of when you might rewrite a file would be after changing the roll timing settings on a Back-Adjusted series. This feature rewrites files as you direct, but it waits to do so until your next data distribution.

To rewrite an item from a portfolio, first click on the entry in your portfolio list. Then use one of the following two methods for rebuilding.

1) Click the Portfolio menu to bring up a list of choices, from which you will choose "Rewrite File on next distribution," or 2) after clicking the file you want to rewrite, right-click your mouse to bring up a menu, where you'll click "Rewrite File on next distribution."

Either way, the following displays:


Click [Yes] to prepare UA to rewrite your selected files the next time data distribution occurs (typically after your next update).

Rewriting Multiple Portfolio Entries

You may rewrite multiple items from a portfolio list simultaneously IF they are listed consecutively or IF you want to rewrite everything in the portfolio. Here's how:

To rewrite consecutive items in a portfolio list, first click on the first item to be rewritten. Press and hold down the <shift> key, while clicking on the last item to be rebuilt. All items between your first and last selections, inclusive, will be selected. Use either of the right-click or Portfolio menu methods described above to rewrite the files. You will be asked to confirm the rebuilding of your files.

To rewrite all items in a portfolio, click any single item, then right-click your mouse and click "Select All" from the menu. Right-click again and then click "Rewrite File on next distribution."