Settings for Position Manager
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The Settings screen lets you customize Position Manager to meet your individual needs through the prompts shown below. Click the "Settings" menu to view:


Display Quote Web Browser

Displaying the "Quote Web Browser" means showing the website that provides intraday quotes in its own window on your computer screen. If you want this, click the menu setting, which marks the entry with a check. To disable, click then entry again to uncheck the selection.

Update With Internet Prices

If you want your Position Manager data to receive intraday updates from third-party Internet sites, check the "Update With Internet Prices" entry by clicking it on the Settings menu. If this selection is unchecked, only end-of-day summary data from the CSI database will be included in your Position Manager reports and screens. Remember to use intraday updates sparingly to reduce the likelihood of third-party data sources disallowing access.



Currencies - Position Manager handles multinational trades through its ability to convert currencies of input market data, deposits and withdrawals, etc. Make your choices from the lists shown above, noting that the left and right windows have different purposes. Scroll as needed to view all possibilities.

Open Positions - When Position Manager displays your account valuations it may exclude open positions, if desired. You can either select "Yes" to exclude open positions, thereby showing only realized profits and losses or "No," not to exclude open positions, which results in account valuations based on both realized and unrealized profits and losses.

Margin - If trades in your positions lists are margined, enter the margin requirement.

Click [OK] when you are finished.