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For those who want to get around their Unfair Advantage software quickly, using keystrokes instead of menus and icons, we have provided alternate "Shortcuts" to activate various activities. These shortcuts can be viewed and selected from a menu, but it is not necessary to use the menu. Once you have learned the alternate keystrokes, shown at right, you may initiate the desired activity by typing the appropriate command.

View the shortcut menu by placing your mouse pointer in the unused charting area, or in the border below your Unfair Advantage chart, and then right-clicking your mouse as shown:


Each of the keyboard entries is expressed as Ctrl +X. This means you press and hold down the Ctrl (control) key on your keyboard and then press the letter shown. For example, Ctrl +D means hold down the Ctrl key, then press the letter D (so they are both being held down at the same time, very briefly). Release both keys at the same time and the Download function will begin.

The Shortcuts and their keyboard commands are shown here. Alternately, you may select from the pop-up Shortcut menu using your mouse.