Show Capital Analysis - Tutorial
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Click [Next] from the "Choose Goal" screen to reach the final, and most important, TSPE screen representing Capital Analysis. TSPE continues to simulate trading over and over again, even after displaying the chart. You can see this by the slight movement and flicker on your screen. After allowing simulated trading for a few seconds, click [Stop] to end the sampling. Once stopped, you can view a stable chart or go back to earlier screens where you can change your input to see how a different mix of profits and losses or a different goal, etc. will change your result.

In viewing the Capital Analysis Chart, the bottom or green colored curve is an important analysis result. This reached-goal curve should level off near 90% or more for a marginally acceptable result. Reducing the goal should increase your chances of achievement. Measure your chances of success (reaching your goal) versus the level of capital required and compute your percentage rate of return. There is a strong chance that the bottom curves may overlap if the likelihood of preserving your capital is minimal and your goal is small. If this occurs, click [Back] and experiment with the goal and trade duration values.

TSPE offers help in interpreting the Capital Analysis chart through the use of your mouse. Simply hold your mouse stationary on any point of the graphic image for an in-depth probability statement. For example, in the displayed chart, positioning your mouse on the vertical line 10^3 would produce the comment, "With capital of $1000 and a goal of $3,000 within 10 trades, a win probability of 43.9%, a breakeven probability of 46.3% and some capital left probability of 46.6%." A reduction in desired goal, an increase in capital stake, or an increase in the time target will generally improve results. This display should help traders decide what is best for their own situations.

You can infer from this screen the amount of capital required to trade your system with minimal risk.