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If you would like your daily Unfair Advantage charts to be updated with recent intraday prices, you can arrange it through UA's SnapQuote feature.


SnapQuote intraday updates are provided from the websites of third-party firms. These values are not guaranteed accurate. Intraday values are not permanently added to your Unfair Advantage database archives, and are therefore not available for charting or manipulation after they have been overwritten with data from CSI's pristine database through the course of a normal daily update.

No matter how many times you request a SnapQuote update during a given day, UA will always display just one bar (or set of text prices) that reflects the open, high (so far), low (so far) and a recent price.

SnapQuote Delays:

Futures: 20-minute delay
Stocks*: Momentary to 20-minute delay, depending upon source website and exchange

A word of caution: The SnapQuote service relies on third-party websites that make their data available to the public via the Internet at no charge. CSI has not made special arrangements with these companies to provide quotes, as the SnapQuote relationship is between you, an individual investor seeking data, and the website operator who offers this service. Any of these websites may monitor usage by individuals and disallow access to anyone they feel is abusing the service. Excessively large and/or frequent SnapQuote requests could result in permanent exclusion from a given site, and corresponding diminishment of SnapQuote capabilities.

Overdoing your quote requests will cause service suspension triggered by your computer's permanent IP address. If this happens, your SnapQuote capability will be forever lost on your current computer.

* The stock quotes provided typically reflect only certain electronic exchanges and may not represent the current best available price.

Click here to learn about SnapQuote setup.