SnapQuote With Export Files
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SnapQuote data will be included in files that are exported through your Unfair Advantage portfolios if, and only if, your most recent update was a SnapQuote. Since all export files hold only one set of data per day, a maximum of one SnapQuote report per day will be held in any exported file.

The export of a SnapQuote can be handy if you want to do analysis with third-party software based on today's market action so far. However, you should use care in assuring that you subsequently export the final summary data for each day so that your export database remains accurate. This is done through a normal daily update and distribution using UA's "Get Data" feature. If in doubt, rewrite the files!

When data files holding SnapQuotes are exported, we strongly recommend that your Unfair Advantage daily summary database be kept fully current. This will prevent gaps in your files. For example, if your database is current through Monday, there is nothing to prevent you from picking up a SnapQuote on Wednesday, leaving a gap for Tuesday's data. UA will warn you if the requested SnapQuote will result in such a gap, but will allow it. Should gaps occur in your export files due to SnapQuote use, you may correct the problem by updating the UA database and rewriting the files.

You may prevent SnapQuote data from being posted to export files with the Ignore SnapQuote feature in UA Preferences.

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Please see the "UA Charts" chapter for information on graphically viewing the data you retrieve from CSI.