Updating Current Valuations
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You should update your Unfair Advantage database before launching Position Manager. This will assure that current market valuations are based on data no older than yesterday's data. If you decide to update your UA database after launching Position Manager, you should exit Position Manager, download the data, and then restart Position Manager.

When you launch Position Manager, it updates valuations based upon the most recent market information available to it. Prices will be retrieved from third-party Internet sources about once per minute if your market list holds 25 or fewer items and you have requested this type of service through the "Update with Internet Prices" option on the "Records" menu. Of course, you must be online for this feature to work properly. If you have not selected "Update with Internet Prices" from the "Records" menu, then all "Current" prices shown in Position Manager will reflect the latest end-of-day update in your UA database.

Here is the expected reporting lag of intraday updates:

·Stock quotes are delayed by seconds, but reflect only ECNs.  
·Futures quotes are delayed by about 30 minutes.  

Intraday quotes do not become part of the Unfair Advantage database, so they are not available for charting or other manipulations.

The following markets are always priced according to the last end-of-day update from CSI:

·Mutual funds  
·Non-U.S. futures markets  
·Stocks not covered by live websites  
·Non-U.S. option markets  

Twenty-Five Market Limit

As explained in the introduction to this chapter, overdoing your quote requests will cause service suspension of delayed quotes. To avoid permanent exclusion from donor sites, automatic intraday updates are functional only for Position Manager portfolios of 25 or fewer items. If your Position Manager spreadsheet shows more than 25 items, intraday updates must be requested manually through the "Refresh" feature on the toolbar.

Information Sources

CSI is well known as a supplier of end-of-day data on a daily and historical basis for mutual funds, U.S., Canadian, and U.K. stocks, world futures, futures options, indices, etc. CSI does not supply real-time or intraday data on any markets; however, we do direct users to various sites to obtain recent quotations on U.S. stocks or futures during trading hours. Check the "Source" field of the Position Manager screen for an indication of the source and updating frequency of any "Current" price.

·Most active U.S. stock quotes are obtained from YAHOO, which captures such information from the Island Exchange almost real time. They show "Y" as the source.  
·U.S. futures information and information on the pricing of options are obtained from INO.com with a 20-minute delay. These show "I" as the source.  
·Everything else is updated from CSI's end-of-day database and shows a source code of "C."  

Please be sure to read and abide by the copyright restrictions and provisions of those vendors, which are posted on source sites. CSI does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information provided.

CSI reserves the right to remotely default to the CSI prior-day or end-of-day database details for quotations should any quotation vendor limit or restrict CSI customer visits to their sites.

Pop-Up Advertisements

In the course of running Position Manager, your screen may be visited with pop-up ads from YAHOO or INO.com, which are the sources for the live quotations updated on a time-deferred basis. Unfortunately, the pop-up screen interruptions are a necessary condition of use because these vendors want visitors (you) to observe their displays and their advertisements in exchange for providing you with their live or delayed data. CSI simply makes it easy for you to obtain timely information by taking you to appropriate sites when you request fresh information on your specified markets of interest. We did not suppress vendor displays because we believe capturing the substance of the supplied information is more than worth the tradeoff of viewing advertisements.

Internet Security

Internet Security programs may report frequent warnings as Position Manager's browser attempts to update prices at intervals of about once per minute. If this is a problem for you, we suggest that you either customize your security settings to allow Position Manager to make these calls or disable this function while using the program.

Current valuations may be updated through Position Manager's "Refresh" feature.