Using the Indicator Menu
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The Indicator menu is a new addition to Unfair Advantage, offering streamlined access to technical studies. The Indicator menu is located at the top of your UA charts and initially displays with "No Indicator" in the selection box as shown:


To see the Indicator menu, click the arrow at the right edge of the selection box. Use the scroll bar at the right side of the menu to scroll through the lengthy list:


Click your choice to begin technical analysis. When completed, the chart displays:


Here are some things you should know about the Indicator Menu:

·This feature displays one indicator at a time.  
·Each subsequent indicator selected replaces the previous one.  
·The study will be superimposed on the bar chart in the main charting window.  

Study Language & Parameters

The language used for calculating the indicator is set through UA's Interpreted Studies feature. You may view and edit the parameters used here through the Interpreted Study feature's Code Editor screen.

Removing Studies

Studies may be removed by choosing "No Indicator" at the top of the menu or by selecting "Clear Studies From Chart" from the Chart menu.