Volume and Open Interest
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You'll see one tab dealing with CSIM and MS format when creating a new portfolio and when editing portfolio settings. To reach it after portfolio creation, choose the portfolio from the Portfolio Manager panel and then click "Edit Portfolio Settings" from the Portfolio menu.


The MetaStock and CSIM formats do not support both total- and contract-level volume and open interest for the same data file, but you may select which will be included in your files. Click the CSIM/MS Format Settings tab of the Edit Portfolio screen (from the Portfolio menu) to view the settings.

Click your choice of:

·Total volume and open interest, reflecting these values for all contracts of the selected commodity.  

·Contract volume and open interest, where these values will reflect only the given contract being studied.  

Click [OK] at the top of the screen to save your changes.

Your response here will apply to all CSIM and MetaStock format files created by UA. Your selection for Aggregate Files under your portfolio settings will affect volume, open interest and cash presentation in weekly and monthly charts and files.