SnapQuote Retrieval
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Once the desired markets for intraday quotes have been selected through your Portfolio Manager or displayed in chart form, click the "SnapQuote" button on the toolbar (second from left), as shown here:


Alternately, click "Download SnapQuotes" from the Database menu.

This will launch an update session during which UA will seek out a recent intraday quote for each selected item from third-party website sources. These intraday quotes will appear as current-day estimates. Today's price bar will reflect the open, high (so far), low (so far) and a recent intraday price.

When you view SnapQuote data in charts and tables, the intraday price bar will be displayed in a different color from your normal daily updates.

These estimates will be overwritten with the official daily open, high, low and settlement when you access the CSI database for your normal daily update after the close. Only the official quotes will be saved in your database for each day.

Click here to learn about Ignoring SnapQuote data.