SnapQuote Setup
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Both the "Selecting Data Series" screen used in defining markets for your portfolio and the Portfolio Manager panel include prompts to indicate your preference for the SnapQuote intraday update service. Charts made through the "New Chart" feature are automatically enabled for SnapQuote updates.

Enabling SnapQuote during portfolio creation:

You can enable SnapQuote intraday updates for new markets as you are adding them to your portfolio by clicking the "Internet Updates" checkbox on the "Selecting Data Series" screen shown below. The complete process of creating a portfolio entry is explained in the Your Portfolio chapter of this manual.


Adding SnapQuote availability to an existing portfolio item:

One way to enable SnapQuote updates for a market that is already listed in a portfolio is to use the Portfolio Manager panel on the left side of your screen. Click the right-hand scroll arrow at the bottom to reach the "Intraday Updates" column, and then check the boxes for intraday updates as desired.


Alternately, you can view and edit this selection by expanding the Portfolio Panel to fill the screen. (Click the tiny right arrow on the divider bar.)

Below is a look at an expanded Portfolio Manager. Note the selection boxes for requesting "Intraday Updates" at the far right side. You may identify the markets you want to update with SnapQuote by so indicating on your portfolio as shown here.


Automatic setup of SnapQuote for charts:


Any chart created through the "New Chart" button (shown here) or by selecting "New" from the Chart menu will be available for SnapQuote updates. You'll see the "Intraday Updates" box checked on the selection screen. Even if you remove the check, it will re-display and SnapQuote will be available.

All active charts created in this way will be updated with the latest available quote when SnapQuote is requested. This is not true of markets that are identified in your portfolio and displayed in chart form. These will only be affected by SnapQuote updates if "Intraday Updates" is indicated on their portfolio listings.

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