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You may now customize UA Preferences to assure the fastest downloads and distributions possible on your computer.

Click "Preferences" on UA's Main Menu as shown here, and then proceed as instructed below.


Advanced 2 Recommendations

Click "Advanced 2" on the UA Preferences screen as shown:


This screen offers four levels of progressively conservative (and progressively time consuming) settings. "Flush writes as files are complete and employ a log file" is the default selection. It is the second fastest setting and is a relatively safe and relatively speedy choice.

For faster updates, use the top choice, "Do not flush writes during updating." This setting is recommended if speed is a high priority and regular backups are maintained. If you want to upgrade speed with this feature, click on the pointer and drag it up to the top. Click [OK] to proceed.

Be aware that with the top setting, if a hardware or software failure should occur during data distribution, most, if not all, of your UA database would be lost and you would need to restore the full UA system from your recent backup and then re-collect to bring your database current. Lower settings offer some protection. See the "Advanced 2" topic (under Distribution Settings) for a discussion of all these choices and their impacts.

Advanced 3 Recommendations

Here is the Advanced 3 screen:


Recommendations: (These are not the default selections because of possible problems in certain situations, as noted. Do not use these accelerations if the limitations noted apply to you.)

·Perform distribution in a background thread - Click here so UA and other programs will operate more smoothly, and with slightly better performance. (Not recommended for laptops, where it has been known to cause problems.)  

·Memory Map DB Files when retrieving data - Click here to improve performance while rewriting files in your portfolio, especially if you use Windows NT. (Requires at least 15 MB of free memory.)  

·When Correcting, keep copy of database in memory - This feature significantly improves the speed of distribution by storing temporary information in memory instead of on disk. Free memory requirements are: 5 MB for futures, 10 MB for stocks, or 60 MB for options.  

·Raise distribution thread priority over foreground tasks - If the top choice is used (Perform distribution in a background thread), you can further enhance performance gain through this feature. It will make your computer less responsive to other programs, however. This is not recommended if you will be performing multiple computing tasks while retrieving and distributing data from CSI.  

Once the accelerations of choice have been arranged, you are ready to proceed with downloading data. In order to view any of the data provided with UA, you must first "Get Data" from CSI to unlock the UA database.

Click here for instructions.