User ID and User Number
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The first time you launch Unfair Advantage, the following displays:


Your User ID is a three-letter code and your User Number is a five-digit number, both of which are printed on a sticker inside the Unfair Advantage CD package. Enter the User ID, then press the <Tab> key (not <Enter>) to move the User Number box. Type your number and then click [OK].

You may edit these entries later through Unfair Advantage Preferences, under General Program Settings - Account.

You are responsible for all accesses on your private account, so be sure to safeguard your User ID and User Number. They represent the security measures preventing others from charging data collection against your CSI account, which is limited to access from a single computer without incurring additional costs. Because it would be possible for one user to grant service to an acquaintance by loaning the installation CD-ROM, this facility protects CSI from unauthorized service usage.

When your User ID and number are complete, the UA screen displays with your portfolio listed at the left and a blank charting screen to the right. We recommend you adjust a few user Preferences for optimal speed before your first update as described next.

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