User ID & Number
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Unfair Advantage offers two Account screens, found under General Program Settings. Click "Preferences" from the main UA screen, and then click "Account" from the list at left to view the following:


User ID and User Number

Your User ID is a three-letter code and your User Number is a five-digit number, both of which were included prominently in your CD ROM case. You were prompted to enter these codes when you installed UA. If they are in error, or in the rare case where these must be changed, you may enter new values here.

This combination of codes (UID for User ID and 12345 for customer number in the example) represents the security measures preventing others from charging data collection against your CSI account. These codes should be protected to avoid unauthorized accesses, for which you are financially responsible.

To edit, enter the User ID supplied by CSI in the top box, then press <Tab> or click your mouse in the next box and enter the number there. You must click [OK] to make your changes permanent.

Thee Access Rights screen shows information related to the account referenced on this screen.