Adjusting Date Range on Screen
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The date range of data available for charting is set during the chart creation process. The full range of available data is not necessarily displayed on your chart, however.

UA offers several techniques for changing the date range on a chart once it has been created. Click your choice from the toolbar above your chart.

compressico Zoom Out - This feature compresses the spacing of the price bars, contracting the data into a smaller, more compact form. Very contracted charts may have considerable overlap, which tends to obscure pricing details and studies. Check the calendar at the bottom of the chart to see the date range currently displayed and use the scroll bar to see the rest of the chart.

expandico Zoom In - This reverses the above process, allowing you to see more details on your chart. Each time you click the button, the chart itself expands, but the time period visible on the screen gets smaller.

You can save your adjusted date range for future charting by right-clicking your mouse at any position on the chart, and then selecting "Save Current Zoom Level."

Zoom By Box

Another way to change the quantity of data shown on your charts is to "Zoom by Box." To activate, pull down the Chart menu and select "Apply Tools" or click the Chart Tools icon (second from right) to display a menu offering these functions.

Click "Zoom By Box" and your chart will display normally. You can now use your mouse to define a box that will represent the time period of the upcoming "zoom." Set the first box corner by placing your cursor at the desired position and clicking the mouse button. Hold down the button and drag the cursor to the desired location, thus creating an expanding box. When the box is formed as desired, release the mouse button. The date period within the defined box will now fill the screen.

To unzoom, return to the Chart Tools menu and click "Undo Prior Box Zoom." Alternately, you can use the "Expand Date Range in Chart" icon described above to reduce the zoom level.


The default zoom level allows you to pre-set the bar spacing on all charts. This setting is controlled through the General Charting Preferences, found on the Charting Preferences screen of UA's Preferences menu.