Analysis Issues
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Data Won't load into Analysis Software or Chart With UA

The database is probably locked. Many a new subscriber has installed the software and tried to open the CDB files through the FILE Menu or with the Windows "Explore" feature. Sorry, but this doesn't work. You'll need to download an update from CSI to unlock the database before you can chart any UA data.

If some charts display, but others won't, you have likely exceeded the UA charting limit. The number of charts to display is subject to the "Memory Cache Size" selections for charting limit on the "Advanced 1" screen of General Program Settings (through the Preferences screen).

The initial setting is somewhere around ten or 12, which is the recommended quantity. Once this limitation is reached, no more charts will display, even if they are listed in your portfolios. An error message will display for each chart over the limit. To create more charts, close the current charts, then create additional ones through the charting method of your choice.

UA Database is Locked

The database is intended to be locked until such time as you complete your first successful data retrieval and distribution session with UA. Please see "Downloading Quotes" for instructions.

The database can also be locked if you allow service to lapse for a month or more. Retrieve a daily update to unlock the database. If more than two months have transpired since your last update, a new CD-ROM may be required. A replacement CD is available from CSI at an extra charge. See the license agreement or contact CSI marketing for details.

An incorrect system date on your computer can result in the database being locked unnecessarily. Reset your computer's date to correct this problem.

UA Database is Still Locked

The database stays locked until the first data distribution has been completed. If you clicked the "cancel" button during distribution, you stopped the process before the database was unlocked. Distribute the update again (through the Database menu) and PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL the distribution process, even if it is lengthy.

Unable to Create Multiple Computed ASCII Files With Different Contract Selections

UA creates unique filenames for different computed contracts based on your input for the type of data series, rolling parameters, etc. A nearest-future corn contract would have a different filename than a Perpetual Contract data corn contract, for example. Even two nearest future corn contracts with different roll-forward criteria would have different filenames.

However, UA does not identify every contract selection within the filename. If you make multiple computed series for the same commodity, with the only difference being a different list of included delivery months, the files will all have the same names and will overwrite each other. To avoid overwriting such files, they should be stored in different directories as identified through the portfolio manager. Even then, the filenames and chart names within the different directories will be identical.

Unless you have a specific need to compare very similar computed contracts as described above, we recommend using the default list of delivery months for each computed series, or sticking with one non-standard list of contracts that is used consistently.

Automatically Starting Third-Party Software After Data Retrieval

You can expedite your entry into another program through the prompt "After Daily Distribution is complete execute the command:_________________" on the Daily Distribution screen of General Settings. Simply enter the path and filename of the executable file that launches your analysis program and click [OK].