Portfolio Issues
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Separating commodities and stocks for use with different third-party analysis programs

UA supports multiple portfolios in which to list files created for export, and you can direct the output directory for each item or group of items in your portfolios. For example, when inserting stocks, you can select any number of stocks together and specify one export folder and format for the entire group. You can then switch the market type to "Commodities" and, again, select any number of markets to be stored in a different folder and format. When analyzing the data in your third-party software, direct the program to the appropriate folder (or folders) and avoid those folders holding data of the unwanted market types.

Adding a new stock (an IPO) to your Unfair Advantage portfolio

If an IPO started trading today, chances are good that we made it available on this, the first day of trading. However, Unfair Advantage won't acknowledge the existence of your new stock until after it has been retrieved in a daily update. Please download new quotes and allow UA to distribute the data before attempting to add an IPO to your portfolio. If it still isn't there, please send us an e-mail with a request to add the issue.