ASCII Field Layout
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When writing files to ASCII format, the record layout of the resulting fields depends upon your selections on the ASCII Field Layout tab of the Portfolio Settings.

The available settings are shown here:


Layout as: The "Layout as" box identifies all the fields (records) that will be included in your file. Indicate your preferred layout by entering the fields in sequence (using the codes shown) in the "Layout as" box. In the example, DOHLCvi would result in files that would include the Date, Open, High, Low, Close, contract volume and contract open interest, in that order. The codes VI would replace vi if this file held total volume and open interest in place of contract-level values. Enter any combination you desire, keeping in mind that D (for date) must come first except when preceded by delivery month letter (A), symbol (S), exchange (E), contract size (Z) or point value (P).

Form Columns: Check the"Form Columns" box if columns are desired.

Your specifications on the ASCII Field Layout screen will be used to create ASCII output files for use with other programs. These files will be placed on your hard drive according to your wishes as defined in the applicable UA portfolio settings. Your ASCII files will have descriptive names, allowing you to recognize one from another (in most cases) based upon your Filename Definitions and your portfolio requests.

Click another tab as necessary to change other settings or click [OK] to save all your changes.