ASCII File Names
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Third-party user applications demand files that are uniquely identified through the assignment of file names. UA makes it possible to construct these unique file names for your special application purpose. When writing actual futures contract files to ASCII format, the names of the resulting files depend upon your selections on the ASCII File Name tab of portfolio settings.

File naming specifications can be customized for each of your portfolios, so proceed by selecting the desired portfolio in the "Portfolios" box of the UA main screen. Next click "Edit Portfolio Settings" from the Portfolio menu.

The available settings are shown here:


Name by: ASCII filenames for commodity contracts will be created based on your selection in the "Name by" box. To determine the file naming conventions for your ASCII files, enter the abbreviations shown for your desired fields in the order in which they should be presented.

In the example, SCYA (the default) means the filename will include the commodity symbol (S), the century (C) the year (Y) and the alphabetic delivery month code (A).

Force Extension: Click .PRN or .TXT to select either of these as filename extensions. PRN designates a "Print" format file, and TXT designates a standard "Text" file. If you have a specific reason to use one of the fields as an extension, type a period (.) followed by the abbreviation shown. For example, to use the exchange as the file extension, add .E to the output format definition (SCYA.E). Doing so may inhibit file recognition and compatibility with many software programs.

Great care should be taken in changing the filename definitions from the default entries shown above. Deviating from the default can result in confusion with regard to the specific delivery month or computed contract in question. CSI's Technical Support staff may not be able to assist with problems resulting from custom filename and field definitions.

Click another tab as necessary to change other settings or click [OK] to save all your changes.

Note that files of stock data and computed contracts will be named according their symbol, regardless of your specifications here. See File and Chart Naming Conventions in the Data Resources chapter for more information.