Scheduling an Automatic Update using Windows XP Task Scheduler
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Scheduling the Task in Windows XP

To begin:

Windows XP users, left mouse click on the Windows Start button, select All Programs, then select Accessories, then select System Tools, then find and select Scheduled Tasks and click on it:


The following window will display for XP users:


2) Double-click the "Add Scheduled Task" option. The "Scheduled Task Wizard" is launched. Click [Next] to proceed.
The following displays some possible tasks. Your list may be different.


3) Click the [Browse] button and navigate to the file "CSiEZ.exe" by first opening the UA folder (double-click it) and then double-clicking the file itself. The filename will be listed as "CSiEZ" and may or may not have a .exe extension. Once the file is selected, the following displays:


4) There is no need to change the name for this application, so you only need to select the frequency with which you want the task to be performed. This would typically be "Weekly", on a per day basis. The next screen will allow you to choose which days to update. Click the radio button next to your desired frequency, then click [Next] to proceed. The following displays:


5) The above screen lets you set your desired data retrieval time (8:00pm EST for everything) and fine-tune the frequency of task updates per day. Make your selections and click [Next].

6) A final screen will display confirming your scheduled task. Click [Finish] to complete the scheduling.

7) After your task has been created, you may edit it to wait for a specific data release, after it is launched. To do this, double click on the CSiEZ task shown in the task list and add one of our enumerated data release schedules to the Run command as follows:


The number used corresponds to our data release posting schedule located here: Data Release Schedule where a 1 will wait for the first data release. Using a 6 will wait, after the task is launched, for the moment the 8pm EST data release is ready. If you choose to not specify any number, the task will immediately download what is available at the time it is launched.

Consult CSI's Data Release Schedule to discern the best time for your daily access, keeping in mind that CSI uses Eastern Time.

Special Considerations

This feature can only work if your computer is turned on at the selected retrieval time.

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