Chart Menu
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The Chart Menu offers one way to create a chart or add tools to an existing chart. Click "Chart" from UA's main menu bar to view the following choices:


Click on your choice from the menu. For more information, click the links below to view the topic within this manual.

·New - Use to create a chart that has not already been defined as part of your portfolios.  
·Zoom Out - Use to add more data to your chart, if available.  
·Zoom In - Use to get a close-up view of a small amount of charted data.  
·Crosshairs - Use to pinpoint specific points on the screen and view corresponding text data in a window.  
·Study Toolbar Use to add studies to your chart.  
·Apply Tools - Use to add Trend Lines, Annotations, Rectangles or Ellipses, and to Zoom By Box or to Undo Prior Zoom.  
·Overlay Data Chart - Use to superimpose one data series into the same chart with another data series.  

·Clear Study Template Selection - Use this to remove a study that was added to your chart by the Study Template menu (below the chart).  
·Clear Chart Tools/Annotations - Use to remove the Trend Lines, Annotations, Rectangles or Ellipses added through the Tools menu.  
·Clear Studies from Chart - Use to remove all studies.  

·Change Data Series - Use to clear the current chart and replace it with new data. This brings up the Data Selection screen.