Database Menu
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The Database Menu (above the toolbar) gives access to important features for maintaining and understanding the Unfair Advantage database. Click "Database" to drop down the following menu:


Click on your choice from the menu. For more information, click the links below to view the topic within this manual.

·View Posting Status - To see which markets have been posted today.  
·Update Database - To download quotes.  
·Manual Data Distribution - To manually write files using most recent update.  

·Download SnapQuotes - To retrieve a recent intraday quote on selected markets from third-party websites.  
·Clear SnapQuotes - To clear intraday data from current charts.  

·Factsheet - To view lists, specifications and certain fundamental facts on CSI data.  
·Facts, Events & Exchanges - To view holiday schedules, exchange lists, etc.  
·Daily Summary Report - To view a listing of today's update for all markets or various subsets.  

·DB Integrity Search - To scan your CSI database to check for file corruption.  
·Refresh Price History - To download replacements for corrupted files.  
·Download Replacement Fact Files - To refresh factsheets and other data-related information.  

·Make Backup Now - To back up your database, portfolios and corresponding files.  
·Restore Backup - To replace your current database with the last backup copy (in case of damage).