Chart Properties
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You can view the properties of a file in any of your portfolios before or after a chart is displayed by simply right-clicking it on your portfolio list and then clicking "Properties."

The screen that was used to create the portfolio item displays. It gives all details about the series, including the type of contract (computed or normal month), the type of adjustment method used for continuous series, whether or not detrending was used, the date range, chart periodicity, applicable file formats and more:


The above screen tells us that this is a back-adjusted contract (note the "Back Adjusted" tab is selected), rolling from one contract to the next based upon changes in open interest (as identified under "Roll Trigger."). All of these selections are explained fully in the Portfolio chapter. Click [Cancel] to return to your chart or use this opportunity to make any desired changes.

Once you understand the data the chart represents, you are ready to manipulate your chart.