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Once you have unlocked the Unfair Advantage database by collecting and distributing your first update, you will have access to the full history provided with UA, as well as the current updates you just received.

Click any entry in your portfolio list, and then click the [Chart] button to display a chart.

An example is below. The title includes both a descriptive name (Back-Adjusted of Corn-CBT) and the filename, which includes the symbol and identifiers that describe the data set. These are explained more fully in Data Resources.)


This screen shows less than a year of data, but it could easily show more. The number of days displayed can be set by the user through portfolio settings. CSI's corn data goes back to 1950, so users who acquire extra history can see the long history of corn trading by scrolling left.

The main body of the chart (upper portion) displays the trading price, and the lower window displays volume and, for futures and options, open interest. The date at the bottom of the screen corresponds to the trading date for the displayed price bars. (This compressed example shows data in quarters, but a more expanded view would show every day.) The price is displayed on the vertical scale at the right.

For full information on UA's charting capabilities, see the Charting chapter of this manual.

You can learn more about this chart, such as how the back-adjusted series was constructed, by viewing the chart Properties. Click the link to learn more.