Contract Months to Include (Futures)
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Upon selecting a futures data series for inclusion in your portfolio or for charting, your first optional input is the Contract Months to Include:


This feature displays the delivery months that will be included for a given commodity to be used in whatever contracts (raw, back-adjusted, Perpetual Contract data, etc.) that you select. Note: This entry gives UA a list of months to choose from. It does NOT include those months in your portfolio automatically. The typical selection that applies to most users it to leave this entry as it is, without changing it.

The default selections (those marked with an X) are the delivery months UA's factsheets identify as "normal" trading months. These are the active contracts that are normally traded. They are the ones listed as "V" (for valid) in the Active Months field of the factsheets. Other months may be available. For example, the factsheets may list some months as "S" (for switching month). If you want to add other months besides the active ones, click the box over the month, or click [All] at the right.

The option of [None] is also available for those markets on which only the cash price will be followed. However, it is not necessary to click [None] in that case. Other uses for the [None] option may develop later.

When multiple commodities are selected together, all normal, active contracts will be selected automatically, and you will not have the choice of identifying alternative months.

This entry does not apply to stocks.

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