Creating New Charts
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UA lets you create a new chart of anything in the compressed database that is available under your CSI subscription category. Making a chart from scratch uses almost exactly the same process as adding an item to a portfolio. Since all charts can be easily added to portfolios, we recommend creating charts as a means of building a portfolio for future use.

To begin click the "New Chart" icon on the UA toolbar (third from left):


Or click the "Chart" menu at the top of your UA screen and then click "New":


UA's "Selecting Data Series" screen displays as shown below. These two annotated examples show the two possible screen presentations and give basic instructions. The screen presentation depends upon whether futures, stocks or cash/fundamentals is selected for Market Type.

A Stock, Fund & Index Selection Screen
(This would produce charts of IBM. General Electric and Motorola):


·See the Stock, Fund & Index Charts topic for details on creating these charts.  

A Cash/Forward/Fundamental selection screen
(not shown) is very similar to the stock selection screen.

·See the Cash/Fwd/Fundamental Charts topic for details on creating these charts.  

A Futures Selection Screen
(This would create a First-Nearest Future Corn Chart):


·See the Futures Charts chapter for details on creating these charts, which is a more complex process than creating stock or cash charts.