CSI (QuickTrieve) Format
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The CSI (QuickTrieve) format is widely used by the makers of investment software because it was originally the only format supported by CSI. This made it the only way to access the industry's cleanest, most comprehensive database. Although other choices are now available, the CSI format remains a flexible, viable means of storing market data for analysis. Continued compatibility with the CSI format requires that developers remain current with possible format changes posted on the CSI website.

The CSI format uses a master file called QMASTER for each directory which identifies the content of the individual data files. The file naming process assigns names as: F001.DTA where the first character is always an F, and the next three characters are a right-adjusted number from 1 to 120, which identifies the file record number (not the CSI commodity or stock number). The extension .DTA identifies this as a CSI format file. UA will write and maintain all CSI format files listed in your portfolios.

If the UA Sample portfolio (which uses the SAMPDATA folder) were to hold two CSI format files, an exploration of the folder would reveal:


To write export format files to the CSI (QuickTrieve) format, click the CSI selection box from File Export Preferences.

See "Settings Affecting CSI Format Files" for information about settings that affect these files.