CSIM & MetaStock (MS) Formats
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The CSIM format was created by CSI in the 1990s so we could deliver data that was compatible with MetaStockÒ (MS) software and other software that used the MetaStock format. Through an arrangement with that makers of Metastock, CSI also writes data directly to the MetaStock (MS) format. At this time, both of these formats are offered and both are reasonably compatible with MetaStock and other similar software. Due to changes in the MetaStock format, compatibility may not be perfect with either.

·We recommend that users of MetaStock software use the CSIM format. The only known problem is that MetaStock might corrupt the CSIM files during sorting functions. If this happens, you can simply delete and re-create your CSIM files with UA, providing a quick solution to problems.  

·Users of older MetaStock-compatible software that requires the former MetaStock format must use only the CSIM format.  

Because the dissimilar MS and CSIM formats use identical filenames, it is very important that they not be stored together in the same directory. It is also important that MetaStock not be directed to CSIM-format files for processing, as this software may corrupt your CSIM-format files.

If the UA Sample portfolio (which uses the SAMPDATA folder) were to hold two MS or CSIM format files, an exploration of the folder would reveal:


Many long-term CSI customers have previously used our QuickTrieve software to store data in the MetaStock format. Unfair Advantage offers improved compatibility and more flexible file creation options, such as customized Perpetual Contract data, nearest future contracts, etc.

To write export format files to the CSIM or MetaStock format, click the respective selection box from File Export Preferences.

See Settings Affecting CSIM & MS Format Files for information on additional factors affecting these files.