CSI, CSIM & MetaStock Formats
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The MetaStock and CSIM format
(for use with MetaStock or older MetaStock compatible programs)

The MetaStock and CSIM formats use a master file called MASTER for each directory which identifies the content of the individual data files. There are two data files for each contract. The file-naming process assigns names as: F1.DAT and F1.DOP, where the first character is always an F, followed by an integer from 1 to 200, which identifies the file record number (not the CSI commodity or stock number). The extensions identify this as a CSIM format file.

A CSIM file might be listed on your drive directory as :


Many long-term CSI customers have previously used our QuickTrieve software to store data in the MetaStock format. Unfair Advantage offers improved compatibility and more flexible file creation options, such as customized Perpetual Contract data, nearest future contracts, etc. The CSIM format is published on CSI's website at www.csidata.com.

Please note that MetaStock users should export to the MS format to assure full compatibility with that program. Due to the complex file structures of CSI, MS and CSIM formats, you should not attempt to manipulate these files through Windows. Use the appropriate CSI or MetaStock-compatible program to move, delete and edit these files.