Special Considerations for MetaStock
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MetaStock or CSIM Format?

The CSIM format is almost identical to the MetaStock (MS) file format used through mid 2002, but, due to changes in the MetaStock format, these formats are no longer interchangeable.

·Users of current MetaStock software should use MetaStock (MS) format files.  
·Users of formerly MetaStock-compatible software (created before mid 2002) should use CSIM format files.  
·These two file formats should not be stored together in any directory. MetaStock software should not be used to process CSIM-format files, as data corruption may occur.  

Because the dissimilar MS and CSIM formats use identical filenames, it is very important that they not be stored together in the same directory. It is also important that MetaStock not be directed to CSIM-format files for processing, as this software may corrupt your CSIM-format files.

If the a portfolio were to hold three MS or CSIM format files, an exploration of the folder would reveal:


Note that the folder includes two control files called EMASTER and MASTER, as well as two files (ending in .DOP and .DAT) for each of the three data series. Because of this unique file structure it is imperative that you not manually edit any of these files.

Many long-term CSI customers have previously used our QuickTrieve software to store data in the MetaStock format. Unfair Advantage offers improved compatibility and more flexible file creation options, such as customized Perpetual Contract data, nearest future contracts, etc.