CSI Format File Settings
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CSI File Format settings apply only to the export files for which this format is specified. The initial setup of these options and subsequent changes are made through selections on the "Portfolio" Menu. Select "Create New Portfolio" or "Edit Portfolio Settings" to made your choices, or click the [Edit] button of the Portfolio box.

Click the "CSI Format File Settings" tab for the following options:


Volume OI Fields

By default, a CSI-format file created with UA holds both total and contract-level volume and open interest. However, some versions of QuickTrieve and perhaps other compatible programs are unable to process data reported this way, resulting in charts with no volume or open interest showing. Your choices to correct the problem by placing the same values in both the total and contract-level fields for volume and open interest are:

·Follow Standard: Total = Total, Contract = Contract - This leaves both sets, as is the UA standard.  
·Overwrite Total with Contract values - This replaces total volume and open interest with contract-level volume and open interest.  
·Overwrite Contract with Total values - This replaces contract-level volume and open interest with total values.  

If you are unable to display volume or open interest in your CSI-format data, decide which method you prefer for reporting volume and open interest, and click your choice.

Note: Your selection for Aggregate Files will affect volume, open interest and cash presentation in weekly and monthly charts and files.

Compatibility with What-If Third Party Software

This feature includes the prompt, "Maintain at least ____ holiday records at end." It literally adds extra trailing days beyond the current date to each CSI-format data file in the selected directory. This might be useful for programs that need additional days to forecast future prices, or for manually entering actual or what-if prices.

This option is controlled through the "CSI Format Options" tab of UA's Edit Portfolio feature.
The default value is 14, but you may enter as many days as are necessary for your system.

Click [OK] to save all your changes.