Settings Affecting CSI Format
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The CSI format (a.k.a. QuickTrieve(R) format) is one of several export formats offered by UA. Since export format files are handled through the portfolio manager, all CSI Format Options are also handled there. You'll see options dealing with CSI format when creating a new portfolio and when editing portfolio settings. They are also accessible via the [Edit] button of the Portfolio box.

The Portfolio Settings screen offers several tabs that affect CSI (QuickTrieve) format files, including these that are described next:

·Files Per Directory on the CSI Format Directory Settings tab  
·Full Directory Options on CSI Format Directory Settings tab  
·Volume/Open Interest (on CSI Format File Settings tab)  
·Compatibility with Third-Party Software (on CSI Format File Settings tab)  

See the Rounding/Ranging topic, above, for information on:

·Out of range settlements, rounding opening prices and mutual fund NAV.