Customizing Browser Access
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1) Customize

To use Browser access, make sure that the "Download Method" specified under "Download Preferences" of UA Preferences is set for "Browser," as shown here:


Then, below Download Preferences, select "Browser" to view the following:


The Browser download screen needs input from you on what UA should do during an update session. The prompt reads:

When I push the download button please...

Click the arrow beside the selection box to display the two choices:

·Ask browser to fetch URL ("…") - This is the default response. We recommend you use this choice (if possible) because it is the more automatic of the two choices.  

·Just paste URL ("…") to the clipboard - Use "just paste the URL on your clipboard" if the "Ask browser to fetch URL..." choice doesn't initiate a data retrieval session. For this option, first select it by clicking the down arrow symbol next to the text box and choosing "Just paste URL..." from the menu.  

This screen also shows the Communication Port, which you should not change unless instructed to do so by CSI.

Provide extra help to guide me through the download process:

If you click this checkbox, UA will an display additional help screen with instructions when you begin the download process. This might be helpful for your first few downloads, but you may want to turn this feature off once you become familiar with the operation.


This resets your connection to the server and can salvage an otherwise unsuccessful download attempt.

Click [OK] to save your changes.

A Note To Proxy Server Users: Proxy servers are not recommended for updating more than one daily update at a time. We have found that, when used with Unfair Advantage for downloading lengthy files, proxy servers tend to degrade the data transfer speed and to terminate the link before the transfer is complete.