Getting Online (Browser)
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2) Get online

For best results with data retrieval through a browser, we recommend you get online with your Internet server before attempting an update session.

If your computer is always online or already online, skip to the next step.

If your web browser is configured to automatically connect to the Internet whenever a URL address is requested, you may be able to skip the step of getting online manually. You may have to click "Connect" or "OK" to initiate the connection, or this may happen automatically.

Here's how to get online without exiting UA: With Unfair Advantage running, go to your Windows Start Menu and launch your browser for Internet access as you normally would. Once online, use the task bar at the bottom or side of your screen to return to Unfair Advantage by clicking the "CSI's Unfair Advantage" button:


This brings you back to the Unfair Advantage screen, where you can proceed with browser access by clicking the "Get Data" button as described in the next topic.