Database Integrity Search
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DB Integrity Search w/Automatic Correction

You can check your entire database for most types of corruption through UA's Database Integrity Search. To use, click the Database menu, then click "DB Integrity Search." The following displays:


Select Futures, Stocks, Future Options or Stock Options by clicking the appropriate boxes (they'll be checked), and then click [Search].

If all goes well, UA will report that no corruptions were found in the last year of your database.

If corruptions are found, the damaged markets will be listed in the window. You can download a refreshed history of each market by clicking the [Download] button. If many markets are listed, you may edit the list to remove ones that aren't needed. Do not download a large number of markets unless you use a very fast transmission method. If your database suffers from large-scale corruption, you should order a new CD from CSI.

"History Refresh" is generally done through the Internet, so get online before proceeding. (This step is not necessary for Direct Dial access or if your computer is always online.)

You may also print the list of corrupted files by clicking the [Print] button, or click [Cancel] to terminate the procedure.

Manual Confirmation of File Corruption

An alternate way to determine if a single file is corrupted is to attempt to chart it as a simple (non-computed) contract through UA. If the chart will not display, or if it is visibly distorted, the file is probably corrupted. The failure of computed contracts to chart is not necessarily the result of file corruption and should be reported to CSI.

If you believe that a data file in your database has been corrupted, you may download the entire history for that commodity or stock (the cdb or sdb file, respectively) from CSI through the History Refresh feature.