General Collection Date
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Unfair Advantage can retrieve up to two months of daily pricing for the entire database in a single daily update transmission. The General Collection Date reflects the current update status of your database and is used to assure that the correct day or days are downloaded.

A typical transmission includes:

·a repeat of the last day updated*  
·all days that transpired between the last update and the current date  

UA automatically maintains a record of the dates that should be retrieved and shows the earliest date to be downloaded in General Collection Date entry.

On rare occasions, as directed by CSI's service staff, you may need to change this date to manually override the automatic date selection. Typically, this is only necessary to recover from an incomplete or corrupted transmission or to fill a gap caused by hardware failures or a change in subscription category. Re-collecting data that has been successfully received previously on another machine can result in multiple-access surcharges on your CSI account.

When directed, you may change the first date to be updated by clicking "Preferences" from the UA main menu at the top of your screen, and then clicking "Download Preferences" from the list at left.


The date is shown as the four-digit year, followed by two-digit month, followed by the two-digit day. The example above shows the year 2005, the Month 02 (Feb.) and the day 01. You must use this same YYYYMMDD format for entering your desired first date for updating. Enter the date that is the earliest day needed to fill any gap (the date of the last day successfully stored in your UA database).

Example: February 1, 2005 would be entered as 20050201 as shown above.

*The redundant update of the first day is a safety net to assure integrity of volume and open interest and fill in any market that may not have been available at the time of your last update. When selecting a date, we recommend you use the same convention and request the date before the last day updated in your database.

If your database is outdated by more than two months, your database is probably locked and the software is likely non-functional. Please contact CSI to order a replacement CD.

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