Deposits & Withdrawals
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No account valuation could be kept current without information on cash deposits and withdrawals. These are handled through Position Manager's Account menu.

Click "Account" at the top of the screen, and then click either "Deposit" or "Withdrawal" to display a screen similar to one of these:

deposit withdraw

Enter the amount of your deposit or withdrawal amount and click [OK].

The currency entered here is interpreted according to your preference listed on the Settings screen as "Currency to be displayed for account transactions." For example, if your selection there is US Dollars, then you should enter dollars here (just the numerical value, e.g. $1,000 would be entered as 1000). If the currency selected on the right side of the Settings screen is Euros, then you should enter your deposits here in terms of Euros, etc.

Deposits and withdrawals display as additional lines on your position list.

Your trades and other transactions will appear in Position Manager reports.