View Positions
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Position Manager shows records that have been entered into your chosen list. The "Positions" menu lets you control this feature.

Once you have selected the desired position list, click the "Positions" menu to display the following:


Select from "Open Positions," "Closed Positions" and "All Positions."

·The current view is marked with a bullet.  

Your screen will look something like the following example:


Additional Information

In addition to the information you entered when adding or importing your trade information, additional control columns in the spreadsheet help you track account assessment details. These include:

Name - Corresponds with the selected symbol.

Break Even
- The "In Price," plus or minus commission (depending upon direction of the trade), as required to cover investment costs when exiting the market.

- The net gain or loss, factoring in the "In Price," "Current Price" and Commission.

- C = CSI's end-of-day database; I =; Y = Yahoo.

(Conversion Factor) - We have shown the commodity conversion factor as a reminder of how a given product is represented and traded. See the "Price Format Key" in the Factsheet Overview of the Data Resources chapter to interpret the Conversion Factor/Price Format.

- For futures markets, the contract size is shown on the display so that the user may verify the value of the profit or loss field. Position Manager multiplies this quantity times the net profit or loss to date to come up with the profit/loss value shown.

Deposits and Withdrawals might also impact your account balances.