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A major hurdle to international investing is the problem of dealing with currency exchange rates in comparative analysis and risk assessment. UA includes a feature that removes this obstacle by expressing the value of any contract in the currency of your choice.

The currency converter is available only through UA's charting feature and is activated by creating your chart, then right-clicking your mouse and selecting "Display in Currency." The following displays:


Use your mouse to select the desired currency for chart presentation. The resulting values, as seen in the chart scale or on the optional UA table, reflect daily fluctuations in the per-unit price. All prices, both current and historical, are based on the current (today's) exchange rate, not the exchange rate that might have applied in a real-time historical simulation.

The example below shows two presentations of the same Dried Cocoon contract.


The price scale of the top chart is displayed in traditional units of Yen per kilogram, and the lower chart is presented in dollars per contract. This identifies for the US trader the exposure in dollars per contract might without resorting to complex currency conversion tables. All markets may be displayed in any of the many currencies used in world markets for a quick understanding of risk in ones native currency. A simple right click of your mouse while a chart is displayed will alert any user of his exposure for a given market.

The currency conversion rate available on the last, most current day presented, is the rate that is applied to the entire chart. There is a risk of currency erosion into the future, so users are advised to be cognizant of such risk.