Display System Entries and Exits
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When performing custom studies with Unfair Advantage's charting module, it is possible to include entry and exit points for trading systems. This capability is included in many of the sample AnyLanguage studies, and may be included in your own custom programming. AnyLanguage is designed to help you include trading signals in your custom programs.

To display system entry and exit points, click anywhere on your chart, and then click the right (not left) mouse button. Choose "Display System Entries and Exits" from the menu. This feature will not be active if your study doesn't produce trading signals. Toggle the signals on and off as needed.

The blue arrows indicate "buy" or "long" positions and the red arrows indicate "sell" or "short" positions. The duration of each simulated trade is indicated by the horizontal line to the right.


Use the Tracker to view numerical values, including the signal direction. Positive values = long; Negative values = short.