Prefer System Equity Scale
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When performing custom studies with Unfair Advantage's charting module, it is possible to display both realized and unrealized profit on your screen. In fact, UA will automatically include these readings in the chart if they are part of your output data.

Naturally, these values require a different scale from either the raw market data or any other indicators on your screen. With so much data displayed at once, UA is unable to show the equity scale at the same time as these other values.

To display the system equity scale, click anywhere on your chart, and then click the right (not left) mouse button. Choose "Prefer System Equity Scale" from the menu.

Toggle this feature on and off as needed to interpret all the indicators on your screen. You can also see the numerical values for each output using the Tracker with readout.


This feature is only active on the right-click menu when a custom study that includes an equity readout is displayed on your chart. This is available for many of the studies provided in AnyLanguage.