Display Volume
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With a UA chart on the screen, if you right-click your mouse button and click "Volume," you can determine which set of volume figures will display for futures contracts and options. Your choices are:

Total - Total volume is the volume for all delivery months of the same commodity. For example, if six futures contracts (delivery months) were trading simultaneously for a given market (e.g. January, March, May, July September and November contracts), the total volume would reflect the combine volume for all six contracts, even when the price series in your chart reflects trading for a single delivery month. This value is calculated by Unfair Advantage.

Individual - Individual volume is the volume for the one contract month (e.g. June) whose price series is displayed on your chart.

Net - The "net" option for volume displays the net change in volume from one day, week or month to the next, depending upon reporting frequency, without regard for the actual volume figures.

Note: UA can display none, one, two or all three of these volume presentations. Click your choice(s). Selected entries will be checked.

Your selection for Aggregate Files under portfolio settings or UA Preferences will affect volume, open interest and cash presentation in weekly and monthly charts and files.