Right-Click Menu
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Whenever a UA chart is on your screen, clicking your right (not left) mouse button brings up a menu of additional chart manipulations as shown:


Click on your choice execute a command or define how UA will handle various options. Note that not all features are available at all times.

·Display Volume  
·Display Open Interest  
·Display Cash  
·Bar Frequency  
·X and Y Grid  
·Draw Over Y Scale  
·Display Bars As  
·Display in Currency  
·Display Full Contract Value  
·Display Values in Decimal  
·Display System Equity  
·Display System Entries and Exits  
·Prefer Equity System Scale  
·Logarithmic Y Scale  
·Scale By Visible Portion Only  
·Overlaid Series Shares Price Scale  

·Save Current Zoom Level  
·Restore Zoom Level  
·Enlarge Price Range  
·Clear Enlarged Price Range  
·Change Color Scheme  
·Reset Color Scheme  
·Add Blank Records  
·Remove Trailing Holidays  

·View System Performance Statistics  
·View System Optimization Report  

·Change Data Series  
·Copy Image to Clipboard