Distribution Settings
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Click "Preferences" at the top of your UA screen to display a wealth of user-defined settings for controlling your downloading and distribution experience.

Many of the settings found there deal with data distribution, which is the act of placing data into your UA compressed database and compiling for display on charts and export to third-party software.

Everything on the Distribution 1 screen affects distribution in some way. The features found there are:
·Prompt between download and distribution;  
·Disconnect Internet connection when done downloading;  
·Prompt between each day's distribution;  
·Append to data files when possible;  
·Display Daily news file through browser;  
·Display Rolling/Delisting report after distribution;  
·Display Advancing/Declining report after stock distribution;  
·Display Update report after distribution;  
·Display a message when done;  
·Close after distributing.  

Everything on the Distribution 2 screen also affects the distributing process in some way:
·Factsheet Changes;  
·Replace Alert Calendar when available;  
·Try to continue when an error occurs;  
·Execute the command: (After daily distribution is complete);  
·Output Stock Specifications (factsheet) in CSV format.  
The Distribution 3 screen deals exclusively with backing up your UA database:
·Frequency of automatic backups;  
·Directory to store backups.  

The AmiBroker settings are for customizing output to your stock data to AmiBroker software:
The Advanced 1 screen of Preferences controls features affecting:
·The number of charts that will be displayed simultaneously and stored in memory;  
·Debug information for custom programming.  
The Advanced 2 screen of UA Preferences also affects distribution with respect to database corruption prevention and the time required for the process.

The Advanced 3 screen of UA Preferences controls Accelerations that affect downloading and distribution:
·Perform distribution in a background thread;  
·Memory Map DB Files when retrieving data;  
·When Correcting, keep copy of database in memory.  

We recommend that you review all user preferences that affect distribution found on UA's Preferences menu.