Data Distribution
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Unfair Advantage automatically proceeds with data distribution when Internet Access or Direct Dial Access is complete.

Manual Data distribution is required after a "Browser" update or at other times when distribution does not complete normally. If you feel UA has had a complete data retrieval session, but an abnormal termination of distribution, you might be able to fix any resulting problems by manually redistributing the data. It is not necessary to download the same day's data again to rewrite all your files.

To begin manual distribution, click the Database menu on the main UA screen and then click "Manual Database Distribution."

Data distribution is a two-step process of 1) appending, correcting and adjusting the current data received in your download transmission to the compressed database stored on your computer's hard drive and 2) rewriting or appending all export format files specified in your portfolio(s) and MarketScanner. Both are necessary steps in maintaining a sound database, and both are handled automatically during this process.

A connection to the CSI host computer is not required for the data distribution process, so your internet or telephone connection may be safely disconnected for this step, even during automatic distribution following a download. Off-line distribution may be useful when you pay by the minute for direct-dial or wireless communications.

By default, the distribution screen chronicles UA's progress as in the example below. You'll note it shows the date for each day processed (in a 4-digit year, month and day format) and identifies the actions taken for that day. The screen will show each trading day updated, from the date of your last update through to the most recent day available. If you are downloading stock data, a daily summary of advancing and declining issues can also display.

There may be a substantial list of "corrections," which can represent any change to the database for a given market. Dividends, capital gains and splits are inserted as "corrections," although they are actually enhancements, as opposed to corrections of errors in the data.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT INTERRUPT or CANCEL distribution! Doing so will require a redundant distribution and might result in a redundant update of the same data on your next download, consuming time unnecessarily.

A Distribution Screen:


Normal commodity contracts and stock files listed in your portfolio(s) are typically appended with new data each day. An alternative to appending is to rewrite a file from scratch using the compressed data in the UA database. Either way, files are automatically written and rewritten as needed to create continuous contracts and to adjust continuous contracts for contract rollovers and possible changes or corrections to the data series. When you disable automatic appending through the UA Preferences, all contracts to be rewritten on every update (NOT RECOMMENDED!).

When a portfolio holds files for export to alternate formats (ASCII, MS, CSIM or CSI), the export files are automatically maintained by UA during the data distribution process.

You can use the manual distribution feature any time to rewrite all files to current specifications and rebuild your MarketScanner file. Do NOT redistribute your data while MarketScanner is open, as doing so may cause confusion about stock symbols.

See the Distribution Settings chapter for more information on settings that affect your database.