Editing Market Specs
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CSI automatically maintains your Market Specs factsheets by transmitting any necessary changes along with your daily updates. Changes could include new trading units, currency, contract size, etc., and may require that additional database manipulations be done to assure data integrity and continuity. CSI takes care of this automatically though your daily transmission!

If you know of changes to the factsheet specifications that have not been addressed by CSI, please send an e-mail to techsupport@csidata.com so we can transmit a revision to all UA users.

CSI periodically transmits Market Specs changes with daily updates, which will automatically overwrite previous versions. If you do not wish to have your Market Specs overwritten automatically, please see "Market Specs Changes" on the Distribution 2 tab of General Program Settings - Account (on the Preferences screen) to change this setting.

UA allows you to edit the commodity and stock specifications if you so desire. We recommend you do not edit the factsheets unless you have a compelling reason to do so.

To edit an entry in the Marke Specs, locate the desired commodity or stock, then click on the table cell to be edited. (Don't double-click it!) Click the cell for a second time to make the values editable, and type your changes.

For example, let's say you wanted to change the Price Format (conversion factor) for CSI Number 65, Japanese Yen, from 4 to 2. This would make the prices display as your preferred 91.08 instead of .9108.


You would go to the Factsheet and locate commodity #65. Then locate the Price Format column (currently the 5th from left) and click on the "4." Click again and type 2 over the 4. Make sure just the 2 is showing, using the delete key, if necessary, to remove the 4. Press Enter to accept the change.

Use the same technique to make all desired changes.