Market Specs Behavior
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The Market Specs Behavior screen under General Program Settings of Preferences controls how the Market Specs factsheets will function. Your choices here affect not only when displaying the Market Specifications screens for basic information, but also when using them to select markets for inclusion in portfolios and for charting. Only markets that are active in Market Specs are available to Unfair Advantage.


Secondary Sort by Name rather than previous order

You can sort the Unfair Advantage factsheets of Market Specifications by any column heading, such as CSI number, name, symbol, exchange, average volume, etc. by clicking the heading of the column you want to use as the sorting key. When your sorting key is changed by clicking a new heading, UA will normally retain your previous sort as a secondary sort. For example, if you sort stocks by CSI number and then sort by exchange, the resulting sort will show stocks grouped by exchange, but listed by CSI number within the exchange groupings.

If you would prefer to use the name field as the secondary sort no matter what was previously used, click the "Secondary Sort... by Name" box as shown above.

When this feature is selected (checked), no matter which column you click for sorting markets, they will always be sorted by name within your designated sorting field. Using the above example, if you sort stocks by CSI number and then sort by exchange, the resulting sort will show stocks grouped by exchange, but listed alphabetically by name within the exchange groupings.

Include Inactive Stocks (Available by special arrangement with CSI)

By default, UA will disregard inactive stocks in any portfolio and in MarketScanner analysis. This means that UA will not waste your time writing and re-writing export format files, or creating charts for stocks that no longer trade.

If you would like to include inactive stocks in your analysis or files, arrangements must be made by special arrangement with CSI. Due to the expense of maintaining this database, its low subscribership and the commercial aspect of its use, there is an extra charge for accessing this data. Click the box for "Include inactive stocks" if you have arranged for this premium service. Click the box again (uncheck it) to deactivate this feature.

Include Inactive Futures

When a commodity is dropped from trading by an exchange, the data series for that market is considered "Inactive." When included in Market Specifications, inactive futures are identified as "(INACT)" or "(INACTIVE)." Some examples of inactive futures are CSI #1, Iced Broilers and CSI #6, Standard Grade COMEX Copper. This box must be checked if you wish to view or analyze inactive futures markets.

Note that data from inactive markets may be incorporated into the history of similar tradeables that were introduced as replacements by the exchange. These are noted in the footnotes of the Market Specs factsheets. See #8, COMEX Copper HG for an example.

Click another preference to make more changes or click [OK] to save the current settings.