Error Corrections and Revisions
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By default, Unfair Advantage lists all markets that receive corrections and revisions during the daily data distribution. The corrections are stored in a Notepad file called UA\ARCHIVES\update.adm. This file can include revisions to market specifications as well as prices, volume, open interest, etc. A "correction" can be any data bit that modifies a data file, including the addition of capital gains and distributions. True error corrections are infrequent due to the rarity of errors in CSI data transmissions.

Stock split ratios, changes to "Facts of Interest" and changes to the Market Specifications that are transmitted will eventually be held in various files (all ending in .adm), which are located in the UA\Archives directory. In the future, if you do not wish to view corrections and revisions after distribution, simply turn the "Display Update Report After Distribution" feature off through the "Distribution 1" screen in UA's "Preferences."

Error Reporting

The CSI Data Department staff carefully screens all data before posting, so actual errors in the database are rare. If you believe that an erroneous quote has been transmitted with your daily update, please report it to CSI at your earliest convenience. Someone from CSI will research your report and post a correction, if necessary.

To report a suspect error, call 561-392-8663 or e-mail Unfair Advantage's Help Menu includes a prompt to "E-mail your question." Feel free to use this utility to report suspected errors or omissions.

Your help in assuring the accuracy of our database is greatly appreciated. To show our thanks, the first person to report a verifiable error to the database (either current or historical) will be rewarded with a CSI Anniversary Pen or equivalent.

When all revisions are made to the database, the distribution is complete and you are ready to navigate through UA. Click the link to read more.