Tomorrow's Newspaper
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Unfair Advantage provides a quick preview of tomorrow's financial newspaper in an unabridged form. Many newspapers show stock and futures prices for the prior day in a cryptic last-price/net-change form, leaving out the open, high, low and other substantive fields. CSI not only provides all of the coverage, but also adds in the earnings per share, the net change from yesterday, the open, high, low, and volume, and a six-month chart of historical progress on every listed future or security. All stocks are ranked by sector and by industry, by yield and by per-share earnings over the past 12 months. The website also allows you to capture this wealth of information on correlated market pairs with little or no waiting.

This feature is tied to the website to lessen waiting time and reduce the computing load on individual customers' computers.

The Online Newspaper is accessed in either of two ways:

1) Through CSI's website following a daily update with UA, as described here.

2) By selecting "Read Tomorrow's Newspaper" from UA's Trading Tools menu.

When news headlines display, scroll down past the headlines to a prompt that says "Click Here to Display the Online Newspaper."

Depending upon your subscription and Browser, you may be asked to enter your User Name and Password. For User Name, enter your CSI User ID (typically three letters). For Password, enter your CSI User Number (a five-digit number). If you aren't sure what these are, go to UA's "Preferences" menu and click "Account" under General Program Settings. Your User ID and User Number will display. As a CSI subscriber, you have authorization to access this service.

Data files and charts of the Online Newspaper are readily accessible around 9:00 p.m. eastern time. This feature is unavailable from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. while it is being updated.

Interpreting the Screens

The Online Newspaper (Tomorrow's Newspaper) includes many features, all of which are explained in the "Tomorrow's Newspaper Today" chapter of this manual.

When you are finished viewing the Online Newspaper, close the web page to return to your Unfair Advantage distribution screen. There you'll be able to monitor updates, error corrections and revisions, as explained next.

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