EZ Downloader
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The EZ Downloader is an auxiliary program that launches Unfair Advantage and initiates a download and distribution without additional user prompts. It was created so that data can be easily accessed for use by third-party software programs, even if the user does not have an in-depth understanding of Unfair Advantage's portfolio system.

To use this feature, click your computer's Start menu and then click "All Programs." From the full menu of programs, find the Unfair Advantage program group and hold your mouse there. This will display an additional menu, which includes "EZ Downloader," as shown below.


Click the EZDownloader menu selection to begin data retrieval and distribution with Unfair Advantage. The following displays:


Your Account information, which includes you User ID and your User Number will display automatically. If you do nothing more, the download will proceed automatically in 30 seconds. You can watch the time count down in the "Download" area of the screen.

If you prefer to hasten things along, click the [Download Now] button.

Click the [Cancel Countdown] button if you want to initiate the download yourself at a later time. This will leave the dialog open, with the [Download Now] button available for use.

Click [Close] to cancel and close the program.

Our many customers who run VantagePoint analysis software use this feature. The professionals at Market Technologies (makers of VantagePoint) work with the CSI support staff to maintain current downloadable portfolios, assuring that VantagePoint users have exactly the appropriate market mix for analysis — automatically.

The EZDownloader user need not know anything about running Unfair Advantage because the entire process, from defining a portfolio to identifying export file locations is handled automatically, in the background. There is no need to navigate through UA's comprehensive menus because CSI's staff maintains the appropriate portfolios.

Although Market Technologies is the first to make regular use of the EZ Downloader, this service is available to others and we hope it will gain broader patronage over time. If you are interested in using this CSI service with your favorite analysis software, please suggest to its makers that they contact CSI about the EZ Downloader for One-Button Updates that require no re-engineering of any software.